Town of New Hope, Wisconsin
Town of New Hope, Wisconsin

Welcome to Town of New Hope, Wisconsin

New Hope is a town in Portage County, Wisconsin, United States. It was constituted in 1865. The Town’s first inhabitants were almost all Norwegians.

The Town in its present limits has always remained rural. A few stores  were established, post offices were open, a creamery functioned for some years and the places where these establishments were received names such as Benson Corners, Garfield, Peru, but none of them developed into a village.

New Hope lies completely on the terminal moraine of the last Wisconsin glaciation. It is therefore hilly with some kettles and a number of small lakes formed in the kettles. One of the most beautiful lakes and also most popular lake is Sunset Lake.

The population of New Hope has grown 58% between 1960 and 2000, and a projected population of the Town will be 860 by 2025.

Excerpt adapted from the online archives of the Portage County Historical Society.
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