Town of New Hope, Wisconsin
Town of New Hope, Wisconsin

Garbage & Recycling


Ordinance No. 2023-02 Recycling Ordinance

Open Burning and Recycling

2023 Garbage and recycling pick-up schedule  2023-Town-of-New-Hope-Calendar

The Town of New Hope uses Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal to provide town-wide garbage and recycling pick-up services to all households in the Township.

  • Garbage is picked up weekly and single-stream recycling every other week. (see the posted calendar above)
  • Large item pick-up (appliances, furniture, etc.) is available for a charge to the household (see note below).
  • A special recycling event will be held by the Town of New Hope each fall for some items that are not eligible for recycling (tires, electronics, batteries, etc.).  Watch for this and other special events hosted by surrounding townships.
  • Split body trucks keep refuse and recyclables separated by using two individual compartments with simultaneous packing, saving on route costs and reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for another truck to pick up the recyclables.
  • Consult the 2018-Recycling-Guide for information on items accepted for curbside recycling by Harter’s, and for items that must be dropped off at the Portage County Transfer facility at 600 Moore Road in Plover.
  • Garbage and Recycling collection will be delayed one day if any of the following holidays fall on a weekday:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Please note that Harter’s will NOT accept the following items.  Non-compliance will result in a warning.

  • any liquid waste
  • ashes
  • appliances or furniture
  • asbestos, in any form
  • building demo materials (lumber, metal, shingles, siding, etc.)
  • carcasses
  • chemicals
  • construction debris
  • electronics.  Includes televisions, computers, monitors, cellular phones, copiers, printers, DVD players, VCRs, etc.
  • explosives, liquids
  • flammable liquids
  • hazardous or toxic wastes
  • medical wastes (unless personal needles which shall be properly contained in sharps container)
  • paint
  • recycling materials mixed with other refuse
  • refuse or recycling containers whose content exceeds 100 pounds in weight
  • tires (these can be picked up on large item day)
  • trees and stumps
  • used motor oil or filters
  • vehicle batteries
  • yard waste

To dispose of appliances, furniture, or other large items, please call Harter’s at (715) 253-2619 or (888) 804-8556 to schedule their large item pick up.  Payment is required before pick-up. The cut off for scheduling pick up will be 2:00 p.m. the day prior to pick up day (alternate Thursdays).

Alternatively, you can contact the Portage County Solid Waste Department and drop off items at the Portage County Transfer facility in Plover.

If you are a new resident:  Contact the Town Clerk to add service.

  • Harter’s will drop two containers at your address, one to be used for garbage and one for recycling.  Included with the containers will be instructions, pick-up schedule and other details.

If you do not want the containers from Harter’s please complete, sign and return the attached form to the Town Clerk: Refusal of Service form

If you have questions, please email or call 715-677-4784.

Thank you for your cooperation!